Google GCP and Citrix cloud and Machine Creation Services

Citrix MCS is currently in tech preview with Citrix Cloud. In this blog I have documented how I created and setup up MCS with GCP.

In order to connect our Citrix Cloud account to GCP, we need to setup a resource location in GCP. This is created in exactly the same way as you would any other resource location.

The following is required to successfully setup MCS with GCP;

  • MCS with Citrix GCP is a tech preview and must have a feature flag enabled before using MCS. To request this feature, please email
  • Enable the API’s within your GCP project to enable MCS to function
  • Prepare a service account in GCP for use, and creation of the hosting connection to GCP.
  • Create the hosting connection in Citrix Studio to the GCP environment.
  • Prepare the Master image ( create a snapshot with a name that makes sense to you)

Enable the API’s needed in your GCP project

To enable the API’s required to setup MCS, navigate to the API and Services Dashboard. Choose the option for Library. Search for each to the API’s shown in the list below and click ENABLE.

  • Compute Engine API
  • Cloud Resource Manager API
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) API
  • Cloud Build API

Create a GCP Service Account

Before creating an MCS hosting connection with GCP, a service account must be created. This services account is used when creating the hosting connection within Citrix cloud later in this blog.

Navigate to

Login with your admin account, and navigate to the IAM and Admin settings and click on the option to a create a service account.

Click create service account.

Enter the name of the service account, and choose create.

Add the following roles to the service account and click save.

Now we need to create the key for use with the hosting connection. Click create key

Choose the JSON file type and save this file as we will need it very soon.

Add roles to the service account

Navigate to the IAM settings within GCP and add the following roles to the service account ending with with in your project.

These steps are outlined in this Citrix Docs.

Create the hosting connection.

Click add new hosting connection within Citrix Studio. Choose Google Cloud Platform (Remember to have the feature flag turned on) and click Import key.

Add the JSON file contents that we saved from the GCP console and copy / paste it into the dialog box that appears when you click on Import Key. Choose the correct zone name and give the connection a name.

Choose the region that your workloads are running in.

Choose the network for your project.

Click Finish. The connection to GCP is now complete.

Create a master image snapshot

Create a snapshot of your master image before kicking off MCS. This will ensure a naming convention that makes sense to you.

Choose a name and click create.

Creating a Machine Catalog

Click on the machine Catalog and choose create new Catalog. Click next.

Choose Multi- Session OS

Choose the GCP connection for the resources dialog box, and click next.

Choose the master image and click next

Specify the amount of virtual machines to create and click next. The server sizing is taken from the master image.

Choose next. Specify the naming convention and the OU that the VM’s will be created in.

Enter the domain credentials and click next

Name the Machine Catalog and click next

The Catalog is new sucessfully being created.

  • MCS with a customer managed GCP environment is not supported
  • MCS and GCP with single tenant nodes are not supported at present
  • MCS with GCP cannot not make use of a shared VPC

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