Citrix Workspace Standard Entitlement Changes

Citrix has recently announced some changes to the Citrix Workspace Standard entitlements.

This decision was made to coincide with the December 12th 2019 release of Citrix Workspace Intelligence Feature, which is now included in Citrix Workspace Standard along with “SSO with 2FA” and “Content Collaboration Standard Service”

However, Citrix Workspace Standard will no longer include Access Control or Citrix Analytics for Security.

This is great news.

See below comparison Matrix.

* HDX proxy for Virtual Apps and Desktops not included.
** Number of workspace assistance queries to be capped at 100 per user per month.
*** Workspace Premium and Workspace Premium Plus are now recommended for customers requiring Analytics for security, Access Control, and Gateway service.

While the new Workspace Standard package will include SSO functionality for SaaS and web apps, it will not include the full Access Control capabilities. After December 12th 2019, if you would like to purchase the full Access Control capabilities, you will need to purchase Workspace Premium or Premium Plus.

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