Hackers love your vulnerable websites!

There is a saying or cliché commonly shared among technical security teams: it’s not a case of IF you’ll get attacked, its WHEN. I decided to test this theory with what’s called a “honeypot”. This is a program, site or piece of code deployed with the deliberate intention of it being hit by the bad … Continue reading Hackers love your vulnerable websites!

Add the Citrixie Microapp to your Citrix Workspace

Citrix released Workspace Intelligence on December 12 2019. If you would like to add an RSS feed of our blog, citrixie.com, (or indeed any blog) to your Citrix Workspace - we will show you how. First, a quick recap of Citrix Microapps. Workspace Intelligence Recap Architecture Overvew Citrix Workspace allows us to take a single … Continue reading Add the Citrixie Microapp to your Citrix Workspace