Citrix Pure AAD Intune integration for Windows 10/11 Single Session and Multisession

In a previous blog, I explained all the step-by-step configurations to deploy a Citrix Connectorless deployment with AAD in Azure: link.

In this blog, I will talk about the seamless Intune integration when deploying your Azure workloads with Citrix.

Azure Active Directory on its own doesn’t have any management capabilities. There is no GPOs or any other management functionalities as we had in our traditional on-prem AD environments. Intune or MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager) will be the Azure management component to deliver all the applications, policies, updates…

Note: When creating the Master image, the template VM image cannot be joined to Azure AD before starting the MCS process. In case you joint it before you can just use

dsregcmd /leave

command after the preparation is completed.

Single session

For the single-session Intune VDA deployment, all the integration is built in our UI and very easy to follow as I described in the previous blog.


If we select the Multi-session OS as machine type we will not see the option to enrol the machines in Microsoft Intune in the UI. We will need to use PowerShell to provision this type of workload as we explain in Citrix docs: Citrix docs link

In this case, we will use PowerShell to provision this workload.


If you already work with Powershell and the Citrix SDK you can move to the deployment phase 🙂


The full script can be downloaded here:

Script Variables

You will need to gather all the data from your environment before running the script.

1 $catalogName = “in quotes the new catalog name”

2 $hosting = “”
3 $MasterImagePath = “X”
4 $MachineProfilePath = “”
5 $VnetPath = “”

6 $zoneUid =””

Now I will break down where to get all the info in your environment:

$catalogName you can customize as you wish, it will be the Catalog name on DaaS

$hosting = you can find the name under Resources in your hosting connection

$MasterImagePath =

1 get the correct resource group folder with this command from other catalog in the same RG:

Get-ProvScheme |select ProvisioningSchemeName, MasterImageVM, MachineProfile, NetworkMaps |fl

$MachineProfilePath = copy the Diskname and add .vm for $MasterImagePath  and copy the name in the of the $MachineProfilePath

$VnetPath =

Get-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName yourVMname).NetworkMaps | fl

$zoneUid =

After successfully completing the deployment you will see your brand new Machine catalog in your Citrix cloud.

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