Citrix Global App Config Service – Part 1: Claim your on-premises Storefront or Netscaler gateway URL to remotely manage settings for Unmanaged and Managed devices

This article is written by Helge Brust – Linkedin and Javier Lopez Santacruz.

Citrix Global App Configuration Service (GACS) is a cloud-based solution that allows you to configure, manage, and distribute end-user settings specific to Citrix Workspace app (CWA) or Client Apps across all device operating systems. It also provides an additional layer of management for our Citrix Enterprise browser

You can find detailed implementation instructions for GACS on the Citrix developer website: LINK. The purpose of this step-by-step guide is to present a clear scenario with real implementations, including screenshots and troubleshooting steps, to help you integrate this Citrix Cloud Service. In the next blog post (part 2), I will demonstrate further details.

To use this service, the main requirement is to register/claim your Citrix Store URL. If you are using a Citrix cloud environment, you can directly claim your workspace URL ( and start using this service. However, if you are using an on-premises environment, you will need to register your Netscaler Gateway URL or your Internal StoreFront URL.

Important: if you want to register your Intenal Storefront URL you will need to contact Citrix Support with the request as we cannot verify the URL claim over the Internet.

Global Apps Configuration Service for Netscaler Gateway/StoreFront stores

Claim a URL

Open a browser and enter the following URL You’re redirected to authenticate with your Citrix Cloud Services and enter your Citrix Cloud credentials to authenticate.

On the Claims page, click URLs > Add URL.

Enter the URL that you want to claim and click Confirm.

To verify your URL, click Copy to copy the tokens from Step 1 and Step 2 on a clipboard.

After seeing the screen above, you must create and configure a responder action and responder policy within your Citrix ADC.

Create a responder policy

Bind your responder policy globally.

Browse https://CustomerGatewayURL/vpn/CitrixClaims to verify if your responder policy is configured correctly.

On the recently added URL in Claims > URLs, click the ellipsis menu and select Verify URL.

Click Start Claim Check to start the verification process.

After the configuration completes, the status of your domain changes from Pending to Verified.

Once the Global app config is configured for the store URL,:

if the user logs in with the Store URL that is associated with GACS all configurations will apply independently from the email address,

Autodiscovery (Optional)

Optionally you can claim your end user domain and configure autodiscovery. With this feature when opening Citrix Workspace app your users can use their email address to access their workspace and don’t have to remember their workspace URL.

On the Claims page, click Domains > Add Domain

Enter the domain that you want to claim (for example, and then click Confirm

On the Verify your domain window, follow the instructions to claim and verify your domain.

Register a TXT record in your DNS provider as you can see in this screen:

And associate your domain to your Workspace/SF/Netscaler Gateway URL

This process will fail if you didn’t verified the URL before trying to register it

Once registered you can use your Workspace/SF/NetscalerGateway URL to apply the configs remotely to any CWA client

Once all the steps in this guide are completed you are ready to push config settings for CWA and CEB in any Operating System. I will cover this part in Part 2 of this blog.


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