CAS/P value enhanced

Since writing my last blog on here, there has been lots of changes for the better with Citrix Analytics for performance and I wanted to highlight them. For me this further strengthens the value Analytics can bring to the table when looking after your CVAD environment and shows how fast with Citrix Cloud we can … Continue reading CAS/P value enhanced

Citrix Analytics – Performance

The idea of this blog came off the back of recent requests around Citrix Analytics and how it was helping prior to the pandemic and, even more so, now as large percentages of us are working remotely –  trying to manage that from an IT point of view isn't easy.  Unpredictable devices, networks and more … Continue reading Citrix Analytics – Performance

Part 2 – Citrix Network Location Service (Tech Preview)

In Part 1, we looked at what NLS is, configuring it and some troubleshooting around this new service. As a second part to this blog I am going to look into this a little bit further and highlight what we have seen in the field. There is many advantages of using NLS in Citrix Cloud and … Continue reading Part 2 – Citrix Network Location Service (Tech Preview)