Citrix Provisioning Services in Azure

Written by: Wendy Gay and Colm Govin Citrix recently announced that Citrix PVS in Azure is now in Public Tech Preview and in this article we are going to discuss the setup of Citrix PVS in Azure and what's required to get you up and running The documentation for this Tech Preview is available at … Continue reading Citrix Provisioning Services in Azure

Citrix Gateway Service and EDT

In this post I wanted to discuss the use of Citrix Enlighted Data Transport with Citrix Gateway Service. This is a feature that has been available with Citrix ADC for quite some time but it is a new feature for Gateway Service. I wanted to take you through step by step on how to configure … Continue reading Citrix Gateway Service and EDT

Citrix Licensing Options

There have been so many licensing questions in the past few weeks, I thought maybe it was time to write a blog post on the options that I have come across when mixing license types and when working with older Citrix licenses. Things to remember User/Device licenses have an overdraft of 10% and SGP. reading Citrix Licensing Options

Google GCP and Citrix cloud and Machine Creation Services

Citrix MCS is currently in tech preview with Citrix Cloud. In this blog I have documented how I created and setup up MCS with GCP. In order to connect our Citrix Cloud account to GCP, we need to setup a resource location in GCP. This is created in exactly the same way as you would … Continue reading Google GCP and Citrix cloud and Machine Creation Services