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All hail Citrix Remote PC!

Why is Citrix Remote PC proving so popular with organisations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Since my time at Citrix, which is 3 years I have had many customer conversations, but I can’t remember a single conversation around a specific Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced and Premium feature called Remote PC.  That was, until a … Continue reading All hail Citrix Remote PC!

Citrix Licensing Options

There have been so many licensing questions in the past few weeks, I thought maybe it was time to write a blog post on the options that I have come across when mixing license types and when working with older Citrix licenses. Things to remember User/Device licenses have an overdraft of 10% and SGP. reading Citrix Licensing Options

Hackers love your vulnerable websites!

There is a saying or clichĂ© commonly shared among technical security teams: it’s not a case of IF you’ll get attacked, its WHEN. I decided to test this theory with what’s called a “honeypot”. This is a program, site or piece of code deployed with the deliberate intention of it being hit by the bad … Continue reading Hackers love your vulnerable websites!

Add the Citrixie Microapp to your Citrix Workspace

Citrix released Workspace Intelligence on December 12 2019. If you would like to add an RSS feed of our blog,, (or indeed any blog) to your Citrix Workspace - we will show you how. First, a quick recap of Citrix Microapps. Workspace Intelligence Recap Architecture Overvew Citrix Workspace allows us to take a single … Continue reading Add the Citrixie Microapp to your Citrix Workspace

Part 2 – Citrix Network Location Service (Tech Preview)

In Part 1, we looked at what NLS is, configuring it and some troubleshooting around this new service. As a second part to this blog I am going to look into this a little bit further and highlight what we have seen in the field. There is many advantages of using NLS in Citrix Cloud and … Continue reading Part 2 – Citrix Network Location Service (Tech Preview)

Part 1 – Citrix Network Location Service (Tech Preview)

Citrix Cloud customers can now define networks and optimise internal network traffic.Traditionally, in a Citrix Cloud deployment, all VADS users had to access VDA's via the Gateway Service. This was regardless of whether the user that was accessing the VDA was External or Internal. While this behaviour is expected for external users, it is not … Continue reading Part 1 – Citrix Network Location Service (Tech Preview)

Citrix Workspace Standard Entitlement Changes

Citrix has recently announced some changes to the Citrix Workspace Standard entitlements. This decision was made to coincide with the December 12th 2019 release of Citrix Workspace Intelligence Feature, which is now included in Citrix Workspace Standard along with "SSO with 2FA" and "Content Collaboration Standard Service" However, Citrix Workspace Standard will no longer include … Continue reading Citrix Workspace Standard Entitlement Changes