Scale up, not out!

This is a statement I have heard so many times over the years. It has always applied to hardware sizing for me, until now. Citrix has just released a new feature called vertical load balancing, and I like it. Its available in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service. When working with public clouds its important … Continue reading Scale up, not out!

Citrix Cloud – What it is and What it isn’t

Recently, it has become apparant to me that there is still a misconception as to what Citrix Cloud is, and what it isn't. Hopefully, in this post, I can clear up some of those misconceptions once and for all 🙂 Citrix Cloud: What it isn't OK, so let's start with what Citrix Cloud isn't as … Continue reading Citrix Cloud – What it is and What it isn’t

All hail Citrix Remote PC!

Why is Citrix Remote PC proving so popular with organisations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Since my time at Citrix, which is 3 years I have had many customer conversations, but I can’t remember a single conversation around a specific Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced and Premium feature called Remote PC.  That was, until a … Continue reading All hail Citrix Remote PC!

Citrix Licensing Options

There have been so many licensing questions in the past few weeks, I thought maybe it was time to write a blog post on the options that I have come across when mixing license types and when working with older Citrix licenses. Things to remember User/Device licenses have an overdraft of 10% and SGP. reading Citrix Licensing Options

Add the Citrixie Microapp to your Citrix Workspace

Citrix released Workspace Intelligence on December 12 2019. If you would like to add an RSS feed of our blog,, (or indeed any blog) to your Citrix Workspace - we will show you how. First, a quick recap of Citrix Microapps. Workspace Intelligence Recap Architecture Overvew Citrix Workspace allows us to take a single … Continue reading Add the Citrixie Microapp to your Citrix Workspace

Citrix MICROAPPS & G SUITE Configuration

Citrix is about to take the next step of shaping the Future of Work. As we come towards the end of 2019 the release of Citrix Workspace Intelligence is imminent. This includes the new Microapp service where we can distill a single unit of work and allow users to interact with this unit of work, … Continue reading Citrix MICROAPPS & G SUITE Configuration

Google GCP and Citrix cloud and Machine Creation Services

Citrix MCS is currently in tech preview with Citrix Cloud. In this blog I have documented how I created and setup up MCS with GCP. In order to connect our Citrix Cloud account to GCP, we need to setup a resource location in GCP. This is created in exactly the same way as you would … Continue reading Google GCP and Citrix cloud and Machine Creation Services