Playing with a non-domain joined (NDJ) Citrix Linux VDA

Welcome to our blog today on how to configure Linux VDA for Citrix workloads. We are seeing a huge uptake on Linux use cases within Citrix, and this led us to create a blog to demystify how to configure it. This is a 30-minutes deployment guide for delivering an amazing user experience to all Linux … Continue reading Playing with a non-domain joined (NDJ) Citrix Linux VDA

Citrix MICROAPPS & G SUITE Configuration

Citrix is about to take the next step of shaping the Future of Work. As we come towards the end of 2019 the release of Citrix Workspace Intelligence is imminent. This includes the new Microapp service where we can distill a single unit of work and allow users to interact with this unit of work, … Continue reading Citrix MICROAPPS & G SUITE Configuration