About Cie.

Citrixie (Citrix Information Exchange) is a personal blog collaboration made up of several active Citrites. The blog is intended to provide readers with information on Citrix technologies, upcoming Citrix events as well as general life at Citrix as a Citrite.

Meet the Citrites

Wendy Gay

Mum, techie and multitasker…. I am a citrate and love to play with tech when I get time. I have worked in IT for over 20 years and am working at Citrix for almost three years.  I started my IT career working for Microsoft with NT 4.0!   I have worked with many different technologies and spent the last 15 years working on lots of different versions of Citrix technologies (from Citrix Metaframe 1.8 through to Citrix Cloud).

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I’m a Senior Technologist at Citrix, graduated from CCT College Dublin and Citrix employee since 2016. My main focus is helping customers to adopt Citrix Cloud Services providing guidance and technical assistance. Specialized in Authentication, Security and Virtualization technologies and deploying those on different on-prem and cloud providers (GCP, Azure and AWS). I am interested in understanding how everything plays together and I frequently share that information on this blog, via social media and with the Ireland CUGC where I have presented a few times over the past 3 years.

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Colm Govin

I’m a Technologist Team Leader at Citrix. At the front off all the latest technical advancements and love working with our customers to utilise Citrix to its fullest. I left college in May 2015, started an internship at Citrix in September and since March of this year have been here now over 5 years. I’m from Mayo in the west of Ireland and love Gaelic games, gaming and the gym. I’m in a technical presales role now over two years working for Wendy, work closely with Craig too a lot and I’m enjoying every second.

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Craig Bramley

Senior Systems Engineer, as part of the Public Sector UK & Ireland team at Citrix Systems UK. My main focus is on assisting my Public Sector customers during their complex digital workspace transformations, by empowering innovation through the adoption and use of beneficial Citrix / Citrix supporting technologies.

View my LinkedIn profile here: Craig Bramley

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